Volodymyr Ishchuk, codename “Kushch”, “Svitiaz”

Was deadly wounded in Ilovaisk on August 26, 2014 . Mom says that she went to see him off, and he turned around, wiped away his tears and departed. He knew where he was going. Vova attended our church. He often prayed. He had a prayer book with him. The Moscow Orthodox church is near our house and the priest is his friend, they both are of the same age. They were friends; he was helping a lot near the church: to mow grass, plant trees, he was singing at the church choir. And this same priest was burying him.

Kharchenko Eugene, called Red, battalion “Donbas”

Killed on August 29, 2014 during a battle in the "green corridor" When the coffin was in our home, people came, looked at me and asked: “Why had you, Natasha, let him go there?”. And I replied: “You knew his character, why do you ask me such questions? I let him go there so that you could stand here freely”. He was very active, very accurate in all senses in this life. He was always involved. A fighter for justice." - mother

Liashuk Maksym, “Svityaz`”

Killed August 29-30 during a battle in the "green corridor" I told him, ‘This is a real war. Think of your wife and son’. And he answered, ‘Dad, what will I say to my son when he asks why our country is so small?’ Those were boys with unbroken spirit. I remain in contact with his comrades. And those who are no more – according to their dearest and nearest – those boys were true patriots and devotees. They had a sense of purpose; they believed that it is possible to change the country.