AFTERILOVAISK is a documentary film project. Its goal is to preserve the memory of the participants and of those tragic events that occurred in August 2014 near the city of Ilovaisk, Donetsk oblast. Every August 29th since then marks the anniversary of the day the Ukrainian army was surrounded and attacked as they emerged through the “green corridor”. The Ukrainian army in the “Ilovaisk cauldron” suffered the greatest losses of its entire history.

We are currently doing interviews, recording videos based on photographs of the military, and recordings of the families of the deceased in order to document their recollections, thoughts, and eyewitness accounts that confirm the presence of the army of the Russian Federation in the military operation at Ilovaisk.

The individual history of every soldier is quite varied: some were taken prisoner of war; others walked for a week over fields to escape the trap set by the enemy before arriving at Ukrainian held checkpoints; still others were wounded and had been transported to safety several days before the creation of the “green corridor”; there are those whose names are on the list of “disappeared without a trace” to this day; some perished during the evacuation when they travelled in columns of vehicles. These individuals however will all go down in history as being united by the same motivation: to defend their country. They could never reconcile themselves as mere bystanders in their own lives;  it was “inconceivable” that they would just sit at home through such a crisis.

Project goals:

To make a comprehensive documentation of eyewitness accounts from Ukrainian military servicemen and volunteer fighters in the photo gallery on our website:

To make an English language translation of all interviews (an English language website) in order to reach as large an audience as possible internationally.

To publish a book of pivotal moments with both photographs and recollections.

To maintain the website professionally as a source of historical information about the war in eastern Ukraine.

To make a documentary film about the individuals who endured the events at Ilovaisk.

Project authors of AfterIlovaisk are Maks Levin and Markiian Lyseiko, documentary photographers who took pictures during the events at Ilovaisk from August 23 through August 29, 2014. They traveled through the “green corridor” together with the Ukrainian soldiers.

“We are convinced this project is crucial for the historical record, and for our children. Granted, one photograph or one essay will not end this war, but if we do not make an attempt, then only the propaganda will remain: false accounts and propagandistic articles, books, and films that have absolutely no bearing on the reality of what transpired. If nothing is done to set the record straight, then in just a few years the lies and manipulation of facts will be taken as equally authoritative with the documentary evidence, and no one will be able to discern the truth.”

Maks Levin, photographer, and project coordinator.

“Memory sanitizes difficult and terrible moments in one’s life. It is our contention that all that happened must be preserved for posterity. It is not our goal to fabricate the truth. However, it will now be possible is for someone who wasn’t in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone to visit our site and to get an idea of what it was like there from the photographs and the voices. From 10 or 20 or 100 short histories that we have collected, one can then reach their own conclusions.”

Markiian Lyseiko, photographer, project participant.

In 2016 the first part of the project, 20 histories, was completed through partnerships with the website and with the support of the Government of Canada Ministry of International Affairs, as well as with Internews.

The majority of the project is being undertaken by volunteers, unpaid or paid a small honorarium for their work on text and images, editing, transcribing, and other technical skills related to digital platforms.

Since the beginning of 2019 the project is being continued under the auspices of a newly created charity, “After Ilovaisik”

The continued success of our project is only possible with the involvement of volunteers and the assistance of partner organization through their financial donations. We invite all interested parties to assist us, and we make an annual report of the contributions of all supports.


Maks Levin — concept, project coordinator, documentary photographer

Markiian Lyseiko — project contributor, documentary photographer

Lidia Stepanenko — website management

Vira Prokhyra —  promotion, PR, social networks

Roman Zynenko — project contributor, a soldier with “Dnipro-1” who fought at Ilovaisk

Anatoliy Kovbel — design

Inna Varenytsia — video operator

Oleksandr RadchenkoImpression Electronics — vehicle supplier for fieldwork

Special thanks to those volunteers who completed the first phase of this project in 2016

Valentyna Kuzyk  — text editor

Natalia Ponedilok, Ivan Lubysh-Kirdey  — audio technicians

Serhiy Mishenko — graphic design, content manager

Sofia Nikolina — graphic design, content manager

Yulia Boletska  —  photo editor

Yuri Velichko  — photo credit for homepage photo (Sunflowers)

Yulia Polikovska, Dasha Bura,  Iryna Sakhatska, Yana Stepankovska, Heoriy Tykhiy,   Inna Varenytsia,  Ludmila D —  for editing interviews

Vasyl Hudz  — audio editor


Maks Levin  +38091 3071770


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